12 tips for spring cleaning your car


  • Spring is an ideal time to clean your cars and deal with maintenance and repairs.
  • You should change your oil, fix dents and scratches, rotate your tires, and check with your dealer about recalls — among other things.
  • You should also simply clean all the junk out of your vehicle.

Spring has sprung in much of the world after long months of winter. 

Winter is hard on cars, so I think the transition from cold to warm is an ideal time to catch up on auto maintenance — spring cleaning, if you will, for your car.

Some of the more important details to attend to are oil changes and checking for rust and leaks. It can be difficult to focus on such matters when you’re business shoveling your vehicle out from snow drifts ever week. But with the arrival of spring, you’re out of excuses.

Here are 12 tips for spring cleaning your vehicle:

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1. Change your oil. I advocate two oil changes per year, rather than the usual recommendation of every 3,000 miles. If you use the winter-to-spring and summer-to-fall transitions as reminders, you can change your oil using a high-quality synthetic and be fine. Synthetic oil costs a bit more, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

2. Rotate your tires. Tire rotation is standard maintenance, but owners can easily overlook it. As with oil changes, the winter-to-spring transition is a good reminder. You want all four tires to wear evenly, so rotating them on a regular schedule is a must.

3. Check all other fluids. Even if all you do is refill you windshield-washer reservoir, it’s essential that you make sure all fluid levels are good.

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12 tips for spring cleaning your car