Brabus-tuned Startech Aston Martin DB11 SP610 on show in Geneva

Dean Gibson

2018-03-06 13:30

Mercedes tuning firm Brabus works its magic on the Aston Martin DB11 via the Startech brand

Startech Aston Martin DB11 SP610 studio

If your Aston Martin DB11 V8 isn’t quite powerful enough, then German tuning firm Startech has the solution in the shape of the Aston Martin DB11: SP610 “powered by Brabus”. The Brabus part of the name is important, because Startech is the non-Mercedes branch of the Brabus tuning firm. Normally it offers styling modifications for Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley and Maserati models, but since Aston Martin is now using Mercedes engines in its range, Startech has turned its hand to the British sports car maker.

As well as the usual range of styling tweaks, it means Startech can offer a power boost to the DB11 by revising the engine’s injection, ignition and turbo boost pressure. The grand tourer now has 602bhp, up 99bhp over standard, while torque has been boosted from 675Nm to a meaty 800Nm, and this peak is available from 2,000rpm to 5,000rpm. This power boost means 0-62mph now takes 3.8 seconds – two-tenths faster than the standard car, and a tenth faster than the DB11 V12 – and the top speed is 193mph, 6mph up on the standard V8.

2018 Geneva Motor Show news

If you want your DB11 to shout about its performance upgrade, Startech also offers a range of styling updates for the DB11, and they can be fitted to the V12 model, too. There’s a carbon fibre front splitter, new carbon fibre sills with aerodynamic blades and a carbon fibre rear diffuser, while Startech also offers additional leather, Alcantara and wood interior trim. To finish things off, there are Monostar M 21-inch black alloy wheels.

All these upgrades are available now, with the power upgrade alone costing 7,700 Euros, and the wheels priced at 1,200 Euros each.

Also making its debut at Geneva was a new set of modifications for the Range Rover Velar. Startech has given the latest luxury SUV from the British firm a wide-body upgrade that adds 60mm to the overall width, plus a new set of 22-inch alloy wheels. A new electronics module can be fitted that allows air suspension-equipped Velars to be lowered by 30mm when driving, while another module can pipe fake V8 engine sounds into the cabin.

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Source: – autoexpress
Brabus-tuned Startech Aston Martin DB11 SP610 on show in Geneva