I took a Tesla Model S on a road trip and quickly discovered why it's unlike any other car on the market (TSLA)

Tesla Road Trip 2016

  • I’ve driven many electric cars, and every vehicle Tesla sells. I’ve endured some mishaps and adventures when it comes to charging.
  • Tesla has an extensive network of Superchargers, but if you don’t trust the vehicle to guide you to them and calibrate charging times, you can still get into trouble.
  • This requires an adjustment, if you’re used to traveling in gas-powered cars and refueling at plentiful gas stations.

I’ve driven a lot of electric cars, and for a few years I always tried to test one during my summer sojourns to my kids’ sleepaway camp.

I’ve had to change that pattern of late because I typically need a big SUV or pickup truck to transport up to four kids, two adults, and their gear. But for a couple of years, the roughly 240-mile round trip was a perfect EV test.

Of course when driving electric one must be mindful of how much juice is in the battery and where the nearest charging options might be. This continues to be a work in progress. Even Tesla, with its widespread Supercharger network, can’t cover every single eventuality.

As I learned the hard way years ago, when I drove to camp in a Model S P90D with Ludicrous Mode — then the baddest, fastest, coolest Tesla in all the land. (At least until the P100D arrived in early 2017.)

The idea was to see if this four-door luxury “family car” with supercar-beating acceleration — zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds, claimed — could handle a journey of decent length, with maxed-out passengers and cargo. Quite a test, eh? And with a few scheduled stops to dine, take in the sights, and recharge the battery.

Our adventure began on a pleasant Sunday in July, and all initially went according to plan. Until it didn’t.

Read on to learn all about our most excellent misadventure with the world’s most famous electric car. And what I learned from it!

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The pearl-white Tesla, equipped with everything, landed in the driveway of our suburban New Jersey test car HQ.

My Prius was intimidated.

Our Tesla was the Model S sedan …

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I took a Tesla Model S on a road trip and quickly discovered why it's unlike any other car on the market (TSLA)