Land Rover Discovery review: We take new Disco van from Amsterdam — with 352 Christmas trees in the boot

SO I arrive at Calais with a boot full of Amsterdam’s finest.

Those dark green bushes kicking out one helluva pong.

The car is carrying 352 Christmas trees

And the customs officer just goes: “Nice van, mate.”

Of course, I’m loaded with Christmas trees — 352 of them. Three hundred and fifty two, in the back of a Disco.

And before you accuse me of smoking another plant-based product, they’re mini trees, flat-packed for posting through letterboxes.

Even so, 352 is impressive.

Land Rover’s Discovery Van really is like no other

The boot comes in at a huge 1,856 litres

As is the new Disco van — or the “Discovery Commercial” as absolutely nobody else but Land Rover likes to call it.

Basically, Land Rover has taken a normal Disco, removed the second and third-row seats, blanked the rear windows, added a bulkhead cage to separate the cab and load area, and ta-dah . . .posh van.

Same looks, same comfort and infotainment, same driver aids, same off-road ability — but with a ginormous 1,856-litre boot. That’s a lot.

That means it can swallow things 1.63m long, 94cm high and 1.41m wide.

The car comes in at just over £40,000

Like 352 mail order Christmas trees and a Santa gnome, for example.

Prices from £40k (plus VAT) for the 240hp twin-turbo diesel you see here — up to £50k (plus VAT) for the all-singing HSE 3-litre V6 diesel. Both are 4WD with a twin-speed transfer box.

The enormity of the boot is uncomprehendable

The car’s second and third row of seats is removed[boxout headline="Key facts" intro="LAND ROVER DISCOVERY VAN"]<strong>Price:</strong> £40,333 (excluding VAT)<br /><strong>Engine:</strong> 2-litre diesel (240hp)<br />
<strong>Real economy:</strong> 34mpg<br />
<strong>0-62mph:</strong> 8.3 secs<br />
<strong>Top speed:</strong> 121mph<br />
<strong>Emissions:</strong> 171g/km<br />
<strong>Out:</strong> April<br />

Other observations. I averaged 34mpg driving 450 miles from Amsterdam to Nottinghamshire to deliver trees and gifts to a school.

Compare that to an old Disco — and that’s impressive. As is the air suspension. As is the slick eight-speed auto.

As is the head-up display and adaptive cruise control.

Our writer enjoys road trip in disco van from Amsterdam

​This thing is big, but low effort and as relaxing as a hot bath.

Final thought. Maybe those tiny trees did affect my brain . . . because I’m sure I passed St Niklaas on the way.

Merry Christmas.




Source: thesun
Land Rover Discovery review: We take new Disco van from Amsterdam — with 352 Christmas trees in the boot