Mazda 2 Sport Black 2018 UK review

Mazda 2 Sport Black front

Mada has simplified the 2 range and at the same time produced this limited-run model

Mazda has added black trim to this limited-run version of its small car, but hasn’t messed with its dynamics. How does it compare with the Seat Ibiza?

The Mazda 2 was only updated last year, but the Japanese firm has now refreshed the small car range further – and, while doing so, has produced this 500-run limited-edition Sport Black model.The first thing to note about the Sport Black (which follows a previous Sport Black model from 2015) is that it’s not particularly black; the colour is reserved, in a nice, glossy variety, for the series of exterior details – including a rear spoiler, skirt trims, the front grille, alloy wheels and mirror caps – that mark this car out as a special edition.The other thing to note about the Sport Black is that it isn’t overly sporty; power comes from the mid-range 89bhp version of Mazda’s 1.5-litre Skyactiv-G petrol engine, powered through a five-speed gearbox, rather than the six-speed unit available on the most potent 113bhp version.Incidentally, that Skyactiv-G engine, in three states of tune (there’s also an entry-level 74bhp option), is now the sole powertrain for the 2, with the diesel offered previously dropped as part of that range refresh. Elsewhere, Mazda has slimmed down the number of trim levels offered on the 2, with five now available to choose from, many of which getting extra kit.
Source: – autocar
Mazda 2 Sport Black 2018 UK review