New Tesla Roadster unveiled

Dan Smith

2017-11-17 10:32

Tesla shocks the world by revealing an all-new Roadster, claiming it to be the fastest accelerating car on the planet

Tesla unveils new roadster - front

Tesla has delivered a major surprise at the launch of its new Semi Truck, by unveiling an all-new version of its electric Roadster. And the company is claiming it is the fastest accelerting car in the world. 

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has said that the new Roadster has been built to “give a hardcore smack down to gasoline cars.” The ‘base’ version of the Roadster covers 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds, says Tesla; 0-100mph is completed in 4.2 seconds, quicker than a BMW M4 coupe gets from 0-62mph.

Power comes from a 200kWh battery pack and three electric motors. Two motors power each of the rear wheels, while a single motor powers the front wheels, making it four-wheel-drive. Tesla says the new Roadster produces 10,000Nm of ‘wheel torque’ and has a range of 1,000km (620 miles). Musk didn’t announce the official top speed but said it’s around the 250mph mark.

A standing quarter mile is claimed to be possible in 8.9 seconds, which makes it the first production car to do the quarter mile in less than nine seconds. Musk also hinted at a version “beyond the base model,” which could deliver even more performance. 

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The Roadster features a 2+2 seating layout, although Musk conceded that “giant people” couldn’t fit in the back; he did however boast about the Roadster’s plentiful storage areas despite its focus on performance.

The second-generation Roadster will begin production in 2020, with reservations being taken now. Prices for the base Roadster in the US start at $200,000 (£151,000), with customers being asked to place a $50,000 (£34,000) deposit. A Founders Series model – limited to just 1,000 examples – cost from $250,000 (£189,000).

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Source: autoexpress
New Tesla Roadster unveiled