The 7 most luxurious private jets in the world

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  • Private jet makers like Gulfstream, Bombardier, and Embraer are taking their flagship offerings to new levels of luxury, technology, and performance.
  • But some customers have decided to convert commercial airliners from Airbus and Boeing for private use.
  • The cost of these aircraft ranges from tens of millions of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars.

When it comes to private jets there are some that are a cut above the rest. These days, a select lucky few are taking luxury air travel to new heights with state-of-the-art ultra-long-range executive jets from manufacturers such as Gulfstream, and Bombardier. And then there are those bold enough to convert commercial airliners into opulent flying palaces.

It’s all very impressive.

So we here at Business Insider have assembled what we believe to be a collection of the most luxurious private aircraft in the world. Naturally, this list is fluid and subject to change. After all, Elon Musk might surprise us all one day with a “pimped out” SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule mounted atop a Falcon Heavy rocket or if a company like Zunum Aero gives us an electric private jet. 

But for now, at least, here are the seven most luxurious private jets in the world according to Business Insider. 

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1. Gulfstream G500: At $44 million, the G500 isn’t Gulfstream’s most expensive offering, but it is the newest. The G500 is expected to enter service in 2018.

The G500 features fully bespoke cabins with seating tailored to the needs of individual customer.

The aircraft is also equipped with high-speed internet 30-times faster than its current competitors.

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The 7 most luxurious private jets in the world