Toyota Corolla Touring Sports estate

“The Toyota Corolla Touring Sports is a family-friendly estate with economical, reliable hybrid powertrains”

As the popularity of large estate cars has dwindled, smaller hatchback-based estates similar to the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports have enjoyed some sales success. Whether they can continue to do so amidst the demand for SUV-crossovers remains to be seen, but there’s no denying their qualities. The Corolla Touring Sports and its rivals, including the Ford Focus Estate, Volkswagen Golf Estate and Skoda Octavia Estate, offer the tidy handling, low running costs and familiarity of top-selling models but with a bigger boot.

The Corolla Touring Sports looks far better than the Toyota Auris it replaces, with lines that are both sophisticated and sporty. It’s nicer than the Auris inside too, with the cheap plastics of that car almost entirely eradicated in favour of soft-touch, dense materials. It’s just a shame Toyota’s infotainment system is still so sluggish and lacks the latest features of the best systems on the market.

The driving experience has improved relative to the Auris thanks to a new chassis and, while it’s still comfortable, the Touring Sports offers keen drivers a little more responsiveness too. Low running costs rather than driving thrills will be the car’s biggest draw, though, thanks to its 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre hybrid powertrains. A 1.2-litre turbo petrol is also offered but it’s expected to account for a small percentage of sales. The 1.8-litre hybrid setup will be familiar to Prius owners; it’s bulletproof and capable of up to 66mpg in the Corolla. The 2.0-litre offers noticeably more punch but it’s pricey and claims nearer 60mpg.

Due to the hybrid technology on board, the Touring Sports can’t quite match the Ford Focus Estate for outright space but with room for four adults to get comfy and a 581-litre boot, it’s not too far behind. Safety is backed up by a five-star Euro NCAP score and the closely related Toyota Prius came top of our 2019 Driver Power survey, so ownership should be a breeze.

Source: carbuyer
Toyota Corolla Touring Sports estate