Toyota Land Cruiser Utility SUV

“With no back seats and most of its luxury kit removed, the Toyota Land Cruiser Utility becomes a desirable go-anywhere alternative to pickups and vans”

How often do you see modern pickups like the Volkswagen Amarok and Mercedes X-Class full to capacity? If the answer “never” rings true and you’re thinking of buying a pickup, then it’s perhaps also worth considering whether you’d be better off with a Toyota Land Cruiser Utility instead.

The Land Cruiser Utility is a luxury SUV without the back seats, gizmos and carpet, existing as an intriguing 4×4-cum-van that can carry equipment, tow three tonnes and go almost anywhere on the planet. It has another advantage too, because without the need to be able to carry a one-tonne pallet (that’s a standard feature amongst pickups) the Utility has suspension that soaks up bumps, and never hops, skips or shimmies down the road.

The Land Cruiser Utility is powered by an ultra-reliable 2.8-litre diesel with 175bhp, returning up to 37.6mpg and costing £250 in annual road tax. You won’t be racing away from the lights but the Land Cruiser feels quick enough on the move, and is easily one of the most refined commercial vehicles for covering long distances.

Its off-road ability and rugged reputation are sure to appeal to workers in tough locations, who might be looking for a Land Rover Defender replacement. Aside from pickups, the only other alternative here is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Commercial, making the Land Cruiser Utility virtually unique.

Source: carbuyer
Toyota Land Cruiser Utility SUV